I will explain a difference between mechanical and electronic thermostat.
You set a 20 °C om the thermostat. That's the temperature you want to have at home.
The electronic thermostat will turn off when the temp. reach 20.5°C and turn on when the temp. falls below 19.5°C.
The mechanical thermostat will turn off when the tepm. reach 21°C and turn on when temp. falls below 17°C. Those temperature values may vary depends on type and brand.
The conclusion is the electronic thermostat is more sensible than mechanical one. It gives you more comfort.

Attic insulation

The most heat loss in typical house escapes through walls and attic.
The right thickness of attic insulation should be 30cm. Usually the insulation is about 7cm. Some of the houses even don't have it at all. You could be waisting as much as 20% of your heating cost, when you don't have a proper insulation. The cost of attic insulation vary between €500 and €1000.

Heat Loss

Open fireplace are wasteful of energy. About 70% of the energy is going up the chimney.
It's a good idea to cover not used fireplace.
Do you like a flame? You can replace open fireplace with close fireplace (wood burning). Efficiency of closed fireplaces is about 3 times more than opened ones. If you don't use the closed one you don't lose energy.

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